Sign of Things to Come

On a completely different note. Let’s talk sports. Specifically I want to talk about the guys that no one else gives any props too, especially lately. No I’m not talking about the Quarterbacks or the 5-star wide receivers. I’m talking about no other than the stinkin’ kickers!

That’s right the kickers need love too and lately I have felt pretty bad for them because everyone is blaming them for everything. On top of that the NFL rules have adjusted the PAT to a 33 yard field goal which in return has led to an increased amount of misses.

Luckily, for the kickers I am here to provide support for them. I got their back and am bringing in an expert to help me out along the way!

Let me introduce you to Coach Cameron Frosch, a kicking and punting football coach in Dallas, Texas for The Kicking Unit.

I contacted Cameron when I found him coaching at one of the games I was attending at Rowlett Hs. He was out coaching some kickers and I found it very amusing. I never knew kickers and punters had real personalized coaches. He let me know that having a kicking coach is now the new norm in football for players as young as 9 years old even!

So this whole ordeal led me into thinking about is this why our specialists are now almost automatic? I mean I know we see all the misses but a lot of people don’t see how far this position has come over the years.

Coach Cameron informed me that at their football kicking lessons in Dallas, Tx they breakdown every part to the kick. For more advanced players they work on

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Drinking and Driving


Hey guys sorry for the delay… we are finally back after a week or so off. A lot has happen recently especially in my neck of the woods, Dallas, Texas. People are being murdered left and right. We had a murder at White Rock Lake, there was another girl found dead and an intoxicated manslaughter case (which will be my topic of interest today).

My topic for today is one that really struck a nerve with me. Why you ask? Mainly because I know a person who knows a person who knows another person who was good friends with the gal who was intoxicated.

She, like many other recent college grads, was out having fun and chose to make a life changing decision to drink and drive.

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Cruel World

I feel deep sorrow today as I feel I have no other option but to write about the tragedy that occurred in Umpqua, Oregon yesterday afternoon. As of now the final count is left at 9 lives taken including the coward gunman himself. 9 others were injured from the ordeal.

Why do things like this occur?

What kind of person does it take and what state of mind do they have to be in to commit such a horrific crime?

This is something that I will never understand. I’m sure there will be evidence uncovered in the coward’s house about why he did this and how/when he started planning for this day. How do we avoid such tragedies in our free world? We as citizens of the U.S.A have the power to do whatever we wish in life.

We have the right to bear arms and the right to say whatever we want. We can travel wherever we want and get there however we’d like. We can text and drive all we want (except in school zones of course) and make money in any way possible. We as a country have the power and freedom to do pretty much whatever we could possibly want in life, yet we still experience such horrifying crimes like this.

Guys like Chris Mintz, who put his life on the line to help save everyone else, shouldn’t be resting in peace. The ironic differences in these two human figures, Chris and the gunman, is overwhelming the more I think about it.

A guy who puts others before himself vs a guy who wanted to, more likely than not, kill anyone in his path.

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Where is our world headed?

I couldn’t think of a better way to start this site off than with an article about the future. The future in America, the future in the world, the future in technology, innovation, engineering, biomechanics, literally everything. Where will we be in 30, 50 or even 100 years? What type of information and technology will be available to us? Who will have the next best idea that seems o so simple when it is mentioned yet no one else can think of it? Who will be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk? Who, who who? These are all topics that get my blood flowing every time I begin to think about what the world and its people really are capable of.

Will we be making frequent trips to Mars just because we have access to do so if we’d like? (See video below for the latest breaking news about Mars).

Will the Earth even still be around in 100 years? Will our grandchildren be the one to change the world?

These are all questions that will be answered eventually and I hope this website stays up long enough to do so.

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