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I feel deep sorrow today as I feel I have no other option but to write about the tragedy that occurred in Umpqua, Oregon yesterday afternoon. As of now the final count is left at 9 lives taken including the coward gunman himself. 9 others were injured from the ordeal.

Why do things like this occur?

What kind of person does it take and what state of mind do they have to be in to commit such a horrific crime?

This is something that I will never understand. I’m sure there will be evidence uncovered in the coward’s house about why he did this and how/when he started planning for this day. How do we avoid such tragedies in our free world? We as citizens of the U.S.A have the power to do whatever we wish in life.

We have the right to bear arms and the right to say whatever we want. We can travel wherever we want and get there however we’d like. We can text and drive all we want (except in school zones of course) and make money in any way possible. We as a country have the power and freedom to do pretty much whatever we could possibly want in life, yet we still experience such horrifying crimes like this.

Guys like Chris Mintz, who put his life on the line to help save everyone else, shouldn’t be resting in peace. The ironic differences in these two human figures, Chris and the gunman, is overwhelming the more I think about it.

A guy who puts others before himself vs a guy who wanted to, more likely than not, kill anyone in his path.

A guy who actually used his freedom to help save others vs a guy who used an abuse every right he had.

One of the most frightening stories I heard all night was that the gunman was plotting this on some forum the night before. He laid out the details for everyone to see and reporters mentioned other guys were still egging him on. Who are these people??

In my personal opinion everyone who knew about this discussion and was chatting back in forth should have some type of repercussion. Even if they thought he was joking, it shouldn’t matter.

The facts themselves are cold blooded. Yet sadly, when things like this occur and we see the headlines of the breaking news we find ourselves not so surprised. We see a shooting and more innocent citizens killed and relate back to the other 14 shootings we have experienced in schools in the past 8 years.

When does this stop? How does this stop? I am really taken back this morning and curious on your thoughts on this situation. Let me know what you guys think about this whole ordeal.

Again our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends involved in this shooting. The victims will all forever be remembered.

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