Sign of Things to Come

On a completely different note. Let’s talk sports. Specifically I want to talk about the guys that no one else gives any props too, especially lately. No I’m not talking about the Quarterbacks or the 5-star wide receivers. I’m talking about no other than the stinkin’ kickers!

That’s right the kickers need love too and lately I have felt pretty bad for them because everyone is blaming them for everything. On top of that the NFL rules have adjusted the PAT to a 33 yard field goal which in return has led to an increased amount of misses.

Luckily, for the kickers I am here to provide support for them. I got their back and am bringing in an expert to help me out along the way!

Let me introduce you to Coach Cameron Frosch, a kicking and punting football coach in Dallas, Texas for The Kicking Unit.

I contacted Cameron when I found him coaching at one of the games I was attending at Rowlett Hs. He was out coaching some kickers and I found it very amusing. I never knew kickers and punters had real personalized coaches. He let me know that having a kicking coach is now the new norm in football for players as young as 9 years old even!

So this whole ordeal led me into thinking about is this why our specialists are now almost automatic? I mean I know we see all the misses but a lot of people don’t see how far this position has come over the years.

Coach Cameron informed me that at their football kicking lessons in Dallas, Tx they breakdown every part to the kick. For more advanced players they work on

the fine print that will take them from great to unbelievable.

So my question is…Is this the reason our kickers are able to set new all-time longs? I mean kickers hitting from 80 yards used to be a “pipe dream” but now it is reality.

We are developing in not only this position but also across all positions. This leads into my final point. Kicking Coaches are a sign of our new world. As time goes on, our athletes and citizens will become closer to 100% machine.
What do you think? Are kicking coaches the sign of things to come? Am I crazy? Lol

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